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Quality Affordable Housing
Housing is a necessity, yet about 89,500 people are homeless in our beloved state. Working at the state minimum wage, it takes over 100 hours of work per week to afford a 2-bedroom apartment. All New Yorkers deserve quality affordable housing. There is no justification that large proportions of our children are found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood in the year 2020.
Education - some attempt to justify the underfunding of New York Public School Systems by arguing our schools funding is higher than many states.

Research and court decisions by the way of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity support the need for properly funding our children. Frederick Douglass once stated, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men," yet as a state we spend about $23K a year per student, and close to $70K per year for incarcerated individuals.
Quality Healthcare for All
Healthcare is a necessity and should be recognized as a fundamental right for all. All New Yorkers should have the right to equitable affordable, and accessible care in their communities.
Economic Justice
51 percent of New Yorkers are poor or low-income - a total of 9.9 millions residents; 61 percent of children (2.6 million), 52 percent of women (5.2 million), 67 percent of people of color (5.6 million), and 39% of white people (4.3 million).

Many of these individuals work 40 hour weeks, yet at minimum wages opposed to living wages. Studies show a single mother of two in the Rochester community need an income of at least $18 an hour working 40 hours weekly to equate a living wage.
Fair Share for Rochester/Monroe County
For far too long our community has been neglected and underfunded. Per capita spending in Rochester in comparison to comparable cities continue to lag behind.

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